Zong Perfect Package

Product detail: Perfect Package

·          500 FREE SMS

·          100 FREE MMS

·          1 hour FREE GPRS

·          Bundle price: Rs 12.5+ tax daily

·          Bundle price (with tax): Rs 15 daily

·          Free on net call except 7pm-10pm

How to Activate             Dail  *717#
How to De-activate:       Unsub  send  7171

Promotional medium:  Initially BI & SMS broadcast (to be executed tomorrow)

·         Dial *717# to subscribe or Send SUB to 7171. Even any blank SMS on 7171 will be considered as activation request.

              ·   Un-sub:        To un sub from bundle: send unsub to 7171

1.       What is Perfect Package?
Perfect Package is a special offer for our users which is a One Stop Solution. Subscribers will get all what they need in just Rs 15 (tax included).
2.       Is Rs 15 price of SMS or subscription?
Rs 15 is price of subscription including taxes
3.       What will subscriber get in Perfect Package?
-          Free on net calls except 7pm-10pm
-          500 Free SMS
-          100 FREE MMS
-          1 hour FREE mobile internet

4.       How can subscriber activate this?
Either dial *717# or send SUB to SMS to sc 7171

5.       How can user unsubscribe this?
Send unsub to SMS SC 7171

6.       What will happen to other promotions?
All previous add up promotions will be retained except those who have daily validity

7.       Can this promo be subscribed anywhere from Pakistan?
Yes, you just need to be our subscriber to enjoy this promo. In case you are not our subscriber, port in your number ASAP.

8.       What charges will be applied for on net calls during 7pm-10pm?
User will be charged Rs 1.5/ min +tax during 7pm-10pm

9.       What charges will be applied for off net calls?
User will be charged Rs 1.5/ min +tax for any off net local call during 24 hrs

10.   What charges will be applied for SMS, MMS & GPRS once free resources has been consumed? 
User will be charged as per M9 1.5 tariff once free resources for SMS, GPRS & MMS have been consumed.

11.   Is there any benefit to MNP users?
Yes port in subs will get free trial for 3 days

12.   What are the major scenarios in which bundle can’t be activated?
In either of below mentioned scenarios bundle can’t be activated
·         Incase balance is less than Rs 15
·         Incase subscriber changed his tariff in less than 24 hours

13.   What SMS will be used:
a.       Activation:  Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Perfect Package.

b.      In case of insufficient balance at the time of activation: Dear Customer, due to insufficient balance promo cannot be subscribed. Plz call 310 for details

c.  Promotional text:  Perfect Package. Get FREE on net calls, 500 FREE SMS, 100 FREE MMS 

& 1hFREE mobile internet for Rs 15 tax inclusive. Dial *717# now to enjoy

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