3G & 4G (LTE ) FAQs

What is Zong 3G & 4G (LTE)?
·         4G is the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology, succeeding 3G. A 4G system, in addition to the usual voice and other services of 3G, provides mobile ultra-broadband Internet access. Zong 4G will be based on state of the art technology LTE (long term evolution).
·         Zong 3G is the 3rd generation mobile technology which enables high speed mobile internet.
What can I do with Zong 3G/4G?
·         High Speed browsing on your mobile phone
·         Multimedia streaming & download (songs, videos etc)
·         Video calling
·         Live streaming TV
·         Download of large email attachments very fast
·         Video call conference
·         Download/play games

How can I access Zong 3G service?
·         Your existing Zong SIM is already 3G enabled.
·         You should be in a 3G coverage area to access 3G service, you will see 3G or H+ sign on the top of your mobile phone screen.
Note: If you are in 2G coverage area you will get 2G speeds, if you are in 3G areas you will get 3G speeds.

When will Zong Launch 3G & 4G (LTE)?
We will launch 3G and 4G (LTE) services very soon and launch dates for 3G and 4G (LTE) will be communicated to all our customers on all mediums (Website, Social media, TV etc). We will launch 4G after the launch of 3G.

How is Zong 3G & 4G different from 2G?
Yes it is different from 2G, Zong 3G offers best in class HSPA+ technology , while Zong 4G will offer the most advanced technology LTE (Long Term Evolution) which offers superior speed than 3G.

What would be the difference and facilities that would be given in said services?
3G /4G enables zong mobile users to use high speed internet on their mobile phones. Customers will be able to browse websites, use social media like facebook, whatsapp, watch and download videos on the go. Customers will also be able to do video conference using services like skype on their mobile phones. Customers will need a 3G enabled mobile phone to avail this service. 

What speed will I get on Zong 3G and 4G (LTE)?
Zong 3G will offer best in class technology (HSPA+) which will offer maximum speeds of up to 42 Mbps while Zong 4G will be based on most advanced technology LTE (long terms evolution) which offers speeds of up to 150 Mbps (4 times faster than 3G).

What would be the charges and packages for these services?
Details regarding Mobile Internet packages and charges will be shared very soon and launch dates will be communicated to all our customers on all mediums (Website, Social media, TV etc).

What is the procedure to use the services?
Our focus is on simplicity. We are offering technology neutral mobile internet packages i-e all you need is a 3G compatible device and if you are in the 3G/4G coverage area with any data package or on default package you will be able to use 3G/4G service. No separate subscription for 3G is required.

Do they need to buy another SIM for 3G/4G?
No all existing SIMs are enabled for 3G.

What will happen if I move out of 3G/4G coverage area?
When you will move out of 3G coverage area, you will be shifted seamlessly to 2G speeds (the speed of mobile internet will be reduced in this case).

How do I enable or disable  3G/4G on my phone?
Users will have to enable 3G settings on their 3Genabled smartphone’s settings menu. Except this no settings is required.

What is the coverage area of Zong 3G/4G?
All the coverage areas along with maps will soon be available on Zong’s website.

Do they need to buy another handset for the said services?
No if the mobile phone is already 3G/4G enabled, they do not require a new handset.

Can customers use the services on their systems/laptops?
Yes, if they use a USB dongle with a ZONG SIM they can use 3G on laptops as well.

Are these services for specific cities only?

Yes, as per PTA regulation, Zong will be covering all major cities of Pakistan. Details of the locations will soon be published on website, Social media etc.

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