ZONG All Packages

How to Activate                   Dail  *666#

Zong to Zong calls               6am till 6pm  free 

How to De-activate              Unsub  send  666111

    ZONG  45 paisa/20 seconds

How to Activate                     Dail  931

Any Networks Call                 45pasia/20 seconds

Package Conversion Charges  15+Tax

How to De-activate                Dail 900 

Non Stop Offer        Rs.10+tax

How to Activate                 Dail  *777#

Zong to Zong calls                 21 Hours Free 

Not Free of  hours              7pm  to 10pm

How to De-activate             Unsub  send  7141

        Flutter       Rs.6+tax daily 

How to Activate                 Dail  *369#

90 Minutes Free  100SMS Free 1MB Mob Internet Free  

How to De-activate           Unsub  send  369 

  Circle Package Rs. 5+tax daily 

How to Activate             Dail  *118#

75 Minute  500Free SMS   100Free MMS 

Package Conversion Charges   15+Tax

How to De-activate          Unsub  send  1181

Perfect Package Rs. 15 daily 

How to Activate             Dail  *717#

Not Free of hours           7pm  to 10pm

500 Free SMS   100 Free MMS  1hr Free GPRS

How to De-activate          Unsub  send  7171

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