Tuesday, 31 January 2012

ZONG Mobile Internet Settings

WAP Profile Settings
Profile Name : zongwap
Home URL : http://wap.zong.com.pk
Bearer : GPRS Only
Proxy : Enable

GPRS Settings
Proxy IP :

Proxy Port : 8000

APN : zongwap
Login ID : (Keep Blank)
Password : (Keep Blank)

Current Profile : zongwap

(b) MMS Settings
Profile Name : zongmms
Server URL :
Proxy : Enable

GPRS Settings
IP Address :

Port : 8000

APN : zongmms
Login ID : (Keep Blank)
Password : (Keep Blank)

Current Profile : zongmms

(c) Email Internet Settings
Profile Name : zonginternet
APN : zonginternet
Login ID : (Keep Blank)
Password : (Keep Blank)
DNS1 :
DNS2 :

Current Profile : zonginternet
Under Email Account Settings, profile in use : zonginternet

That’s all we have for now on Manual Zong GPRS Settings.

E mail: zongasif@gmail.com             

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Non stop offier RS.10 +Tax

zong: Zong Short Codes Activation

zong: Zong Short Codes Activation: Value added Services S.NO TYPE ACTIVATION DEACTIVATION CHARGES 1 Dial tone Reg…….230 Unr……666 Daily 1RS+taxes 2 Namaz on phone Namaz….5...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Unlimited SMS Bundle Offers


1.           Daily SMS Bundle500 SMS /Day Daily 2.50+Tax
2.           Daily SMS Bundle500 SMS&100MMS /DayDaily3.99+ Tax
3.           Weekly SMS Bundle1000 SMS weekly10+Tax
4.           Fortnightly SMS Bundle500 SMS/ day 15 days50+ Tax
5.           Monthly SMS Bundle500 SMS/ day 30 Days80 + Tax

                                     SMS Bundle Subscribe now

  1. Daily SMS bundle offer, Now you can 500 SMS for RS, 2.50 + Tax only Just Dial *704# to Subscribe.

  1. Daily SMS offer. Now you can send 500 SMS for Rs3.99+tax/day. Just Send SUB to 700 & reply with 1 to subscribe.  (Daily SMS Bundle offer 500 SMS for a day)

  1. Weekly SMS offer. Now you can send 1000 SMS for Rs10+tax/week. Send SUB to 700 & reply with 2 to subscribe.  (Weekly SMS Bundle offer 1000 SMS for one Week)

  1. 15-days SMS offer. Now you can send 500SMS/day for Rs50+tax. Send SUB to 700 & reply with 3 to subscribe. (15days SMS offer 500 SMS for 15 days)

  1. Monthly SMS offer. Now you can send 500SMS/day for Rs80+tax. Send SUB to 700 & reply with 4 to subscribe. (Monthly SMS bundle offer 500 SMS for 30 days)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Zong Short Codes Activation

Value added Services
1Dial toneReg…….230Unr……666Daily 1RS+taxes
2Namaz on phoneNamaz….500Unamaz…..777monthly 50 RS+ tax
3Alim on mobileDial ….78210Rs+tax
4Ramadan timing alertRamadan….71750RS Month +tax
5Keh do message* mobile #1.5 rs+ tax
6International sms5 rs + tax
7RingtonesSMS:Code….7475rs + tax
IVR:7775 rs + tax
8Picture messagesList available in website2rs per picture
9Group logo2rs per group logo
10Gana khazanaDial…..4443rs per+tax per minute
11Gana khazana contentSMS:747
12Zong mobile music channelDial…..444 or sms song name to 444Call charges:3rs+tax per minute
Sms charges:2rs +tax per sms
     aWeb to smsvisit websit 2 use this serviceweb to sms:free
sms to web:charge according to package plan
     bSecrete chatmake account and send to 543
     c121 Chat lineDial 121 and join room of ur choice
     dGroup sms sub send 382 for registration500+tax per month
14Gamesludo…..5255rs+tax per sms
15MMS3rs +tas per MMS FOR 100KB
16Song dedicationdial 1700 and follow instructions10 rs + tax per minute
17Info servicesdial 77555rs+tax per minute
18Regional portaldial 4565rs +tax per minute
19Fun persuitDial 1025rs +tax per minute
20Miss call alert**21*031622#   or **21*031622###21#10+tax 
  aIf busy**67*9231622###67#
   bIf not answered**61*9231622###61#
   cIf out of reach**62*9231622###62#
 dAll call unconditional**21*9231622###21#
New Miss Call Alert  Reg Send 6227 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,10+tax 
Deliver Sms Report Sub send       533
21Yaari loadNumber.amount Send  Send to 999
22Call me back*100#Free
23Wicket alertType wkt……30610rs+tax
23Cricket infoSMS:Cric….777
24Live voice commentaryDial…..4265rs + tax per minute
25Monthly info services
26DescriptionInfo Service Code
27Daily AyatQT or AYATdaily rs 1
28Prayer AlertsNAdaily rs 1
29Daily HadithDH or HDdaily rs 1
30Daily DuaDUAdaily rs 1
31News: BreakingBNU bn send 777daily rs 1
32News: HeadlinesHNdaily rs 1
33News: WorldWNdaily rs 1
34News: FinanceFNdaily rs 1
35News: SportsSNdaily rs 1
36News: ShowbizENTdaily rs 1
37Weather: Major CitiesWSdaily rs 1
38Weather: LocalWLdaily rs 1
39Weather: ForecastWFdaily rs 1
40Daily HoroscopeAQU / ARI / PIS / TAU / GEM / CAN daily rs 1
41Daily HumorHODdaily rs 1
42Daily QuoteQODdaily rs 1
43Top Movies: EnglishTMEdaily rs 1
44Top Charts: EnglishTCEdaily rs 1
45Top Movies: UrduTMUdaily rs 1
46Top Charts: UrduTCUdaily rs 1
47ForexFXdaily rs 1
48KSE: IndexKSIdaily rs 1
49KSE: Top CompaniesKS5daily rs 1
50BullionBR or BULdaily rs 1